Burnt Offerings

Goblin Mayhem

The fleeing crowd was the biggest obstacle to over come at first, as the goblins in the area seemed much more intent on causing chaos and mayhem than in actually killing people. Quorthon slew quite a few, but not before they had torched his fine festival boots. Azar‘s luck in Sandpoint continued as a snapped bowstring kept him out of action for a moment or two. Traygus’s mount Arrtax helped him make quick work of one of the goblin warchanter’s by inflicting a death most feared by goblins: trampled by a horse.

After seeing the remaining citizens in the square to safety, the party’s attention was drawn to the north gate.

In addition to the crazed goblins running around, one of the festival pavilions was fully on fire, and a mother and child were trapped within by goblins hoping to see them do the “burny dance”. Further east a goblin commando had recently slew a horse, and another goblin was busily “looting” the contents of the cart the horse was pulling.

Traygus bravely rode his mount into the burning pavilion caring not that he and Arrtax were singed. He quickly got off and placed the woman on his brave summoned steed. Unfortunately the child was carried of by one of the goblins and dragged towards the city gate.

Quorthon, Azar, and Aralyynn mopped up the goblins around the pavilion and drove towards the captured boy and remaining gobos.

“Stay back Longshanks!!” growled the ratdog mounted commando in guttural common, as he placed the point of his horsechopper to the young boys abdomen. Without missing a beat Quorthon flung a blade into the flank of the ratdog, temporarily unbalancing the goblin. Unfortunately the evil goblinoid was able to recover in time to slash open the child torso, spilling intestines onto the cobbled street.

Luckily, Aralyynn was in the right place at the right time to heal the boy, though he will bear the scar for life. The ratdog was the first creature to actually land a solid attack against Quorthon, damaging him slightly but also causing a irritable allergic reaction with its dander, causing him to break out in a horridly itchy rash.

The “loot” within the wagon was a somewhat scratched up noble. Alden Foxglove thanked his rescuers profusely, before turning his charms on the lady healing his wounds.

Gathering later that evening at the garrison with some of the leading figures in town, the party is profusely thanked for their actions, which not only saved lives, but aided in driving the goblins out of Sandpoint.

Interrogations by the party and Belor Hemlock, reveal that the few goblins know nothing of importance other than the raid was led by “a longshanks like you” and that he was on a “secret” mission to the graveyard. Additionally it is noted there were at least three different goblin tribes involved in the raid.

Sheriff Hemlock noted the information in regards to the graveyard but classified it as something he would look into in the morning, as there still may have been goblins lurking about and the safety of the citizens came first. Undeterred, the party went to the boneyard to investigate.

A search of the grave yard turned up an area of prints around one of the larger mausoleums, according to Aralyynn it was the place of interment for those who served the chapel, the door was slightly ajar. As Aralyynn sought to sneak a peek inside, Traygus boldly flung open the door. As he did so two animate skeletons flung themselves towards him. Azar seemed to momentarily panic, while Traygus summoned his “Wall of Horse” to block the skeletons from exiting, a few pulses of positive energy and a couple of sword swings and the skeletons were returned to inanimate bone. Inside the party discovered that the body of Ezakien Tobyn had been stolen, and a depleted robe of bones had been discarded.



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