Burnt Offerings

Into the Glassworks

Family squabbles can be a pain in the glass

After dinner with Salelu at the Rusty Dragon, which included a question and answer session in which the mysteries surrounding the goblin raid and Traygus’s pointed questions regarding the fate of Nualia, the party turned in for a restful night.

Shortly before second breakfast, Bethana, one of Amekio’s employees, approached the party. Obviously upset, she noted that Amekio was no where to be found, and that she had found a note from Amekio’s brother Tetsuo.

She related the tale of Tetsuo’s estrangement from his family. Noting that he was a half-elf, born to human parents, and glaring proof that Lonjiku‘s wife was unfaithful to him. Tetsuo’s note to his sister implicated their father in the goblin raid on Sandpoint and asked her to meet him at the family business at midnight.

While investigating the Glassworks, it was noted that while the chimney was still pouring out smoke, all of the curtains had been drawn, the doors were locked, and there were no signs of the usual bustle around this generally busy business.

Concluding that a glassworks could easily replace a window, the party began by smashing one, which of course drew the attention of gawkers wondering what the party was up to breaking into one of the town landmarks. Aralyynn’s diplomatic soothings kept the citizens from seeking out actual members of the constabulary.

Inside they found the glassworks in a complete state of disarray. Display pieces smashed, offices vandalized, bloodstains in various rooms. They could hear the sequel and laughter of goblins in the glassworking room. Deciding to investigate the basement first, the party found Amekio, bruised, bound, and unconscious in one of the basement storage rooms. After releasing and healing her, they learned that Tetsuo was indeed responsible for the goblin raid and that he had used old smuggler tunnels to get his goblin allies into the glassworks.

The party had secured all the doors leading into the forge room, when they finally burst in to deal with the capering goblins, Tetsuo’s first move was to try and escape. The goblins in the room began flinging flasks and solvents at the party, several even tried to grapple Quarthon in an attempt to shove him into the blast furnace. As the number of goblins dwindled and Tetsuo was making excellent use of his mobility, Traygus had his trusty mount Arrtax be the “wall of horse” blocking the doors they had opened, making fleeing a difficult option for Tetsuo.

Several times Tetsuo was able to deflect arrows that nearly struck him, and overall he fought in a generally defensive manner, waiting for a gap to open he could flee through. Tetsuo nearly caught a break when he jostled Aralyynn’s arm and caused her firebolt to strike numerous vials and beakers of reagents, causing a potent cloud of noxious chemicals to be released. In the end he was overwhelmed and sent whimpering to what ever afterlife he believed in. In the chamber they found Lonjiku Kaijitsu looking like he had been tied to a chair and had molten glass poured over him. The rest of the staff had been butchered and “played” with by the goblins seeking to replicate Tetsuo’s “masterpiece”

Among his possessions the party found a leather bound journal of two dosen parchment pages, most of which are filled with different attack plans on Sandpoint . The first set of which are plans for a raid of thirty goblins. Several of the other depict plans for a full assault of what apears to be 200 goblins. There are also numerous erotic drawings of a beautiful woman, likely Nualia




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