Burnt Offerings

Swallowtail Festival Activites

I was led to believe there would be punch and pie.

The Swallowtail festival and edification of the Sandpoint Cathedral began without a hitch. The town leaders started the day with short speeches: Mayor Kendra Deverin excited the crowd with sheer force of charisma and playing to the town-folks sense of hard work and importance. Sheriff Hemlock‘s speech brought folks down a bit with his safety reminders and request for a moment of silence for those lost during The Late Unpleasantness. Lonjiku Kaijitsu was scheduled to speak next but sent word that he was ill and unable to attend. The next speaker, Cyradak Drokkus reignited the crowds excitement for the day’s festivities. Owner of the local theater, Cyradak’s comedy routine had folks rolling with laughter. The final speaker Deacon Abstalar Zantus gave a short speech thanking everyone for attending, reminded everyone that the official dedication would occur at noon, and kicked of the day by releasing a veritable swarm of brightly colored Swallowtail butterflies.

After a few hours of festival fun and games, the official dedication ceremony began and when it concluded it was accompanied by an even larger release of butterflies, causing children to scatter in an attempt to capture them. The various taverns hosted the annual lunch contest, with The Rusty Dragon wining for the second year in a row, this time with a lovely curry-spiced salmon dish narowly edging out the White Deer’s grilled peppercorn venison.

As the late afternoon turned to evening the festival became quite the brouhaha as the citizens became more inebriated during the celebration. Several bought of fisticuffs over the outcome of bingo games had to be broken up.

Near sun down, a large crowd gathered at the cathedral for the final consecration ceremony. Deacon Abstalar Zantus, climbed the cathedral steps and used a thunderstone to attract attention. As the crowd drew silent, he cleared his throat to speak, but before he could say a word, shrill screams began to fill the air, followed quickly by giggling high pitched voices that began to chant a strangely catchy song:

Goblins chew and goblins bite,
Goblins cut and goblins fight,
Stab the dog and cut the horse,
Goblins eat and take by force!

Goblins race and goblins jump,
Goblins slash and goblins bump,
Burn the skin and mash the head,
Goblins here and you be dead!

Chase the baby, catch the pup,
Bonk the head to shut it up!
Bones be cracked, flesh be stewed,
We the goblins—you the food!



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