Burnt Offerings

Traegus and his heroic deeds and his friends did a few things too, part two

Ah that’s better. Do you know what happened to the guy I was talking to earlier? No? Well, no bother, I saw you’re interest in my story as well, so… As we arrived at foxglove we immediately felt a sort of oppression, the servants quarters had been burned and destroyed, the manor itself had been over grown with twisted vines and the whole place gave off a palpable chill. As we neared the entrance my keen ears picked up what sounded like a sobbing, and glancing at my companions I could tell right away that they had not picked up on it. I sensed right then that we would face some horrible nastiness inside that place, but knowing that our small group was the best hope of ridding this area of the evil that had taken up residence here, I opted not to let my companions In on what I immediately suspected. My suspicions were all but confirmed as we stepped across the threshold. Our first impression was a large room festooned with all manor of taxidermied creatures, the showiest piece being that of a large manticore in the center of the room. We took note that the windows facing out over the cliffs over the bay were strange stained glass pieces. It cast the whole room in an eerie light. One of my companions mentioned having smelled what seemed to be burned hair. I didn’t notice the smell, and therefore didn’t bother wasting any time thinking on it. Around this time the cleric was scared something fierce, though no one else heard or saw anything, we decided it was an active imagination. Bored at the entry room I decided that we should head upstairs. My reasoning being, we should start at the top of the building and work our way down. No one else had any better ideas so that’s what we did. Upstairs we came across a hallway that was full of doors, the first one that I opened was a staircase leading back down. I wanted to make sure that there was no funny business going on so I asked my companions to wait, as I went down the steps. I found myself in that main taxidermy room, to my right I found the strangest thing. It was a taxidermied monkeys head with a cord. Naturally, I pulled the cord, and the monkey shrieked. It was so odd that I decided to keep it. The thing is so freaky. While I was down there, I got a much better look at the stained glass, it appeared to tell some story. It seemed like there was some demonic entity within a box containing seven sides. Each side seemed to be pulling a different terrified creature into it. I opted to sketch what I was looking at. My companions, being mostly human, were unable to hold their attention for the three or so minutes that I was downstairs, and had moved along to other rooms by the time I had returned to the upstairs room. I quickly catch up with them, in a huge music hall, the end of which contained another series of stained glass which appeared to show a series of spell components. At this time, I began to suspect that each floor contained another series of stained glass which was the story of how a lich may be made. This idea troubled me to no end. I really didn’t think our small party could handle something as ancient and evil as a lich, however, I did not share my fear with my companions, as I did not trust their sanity. I sketched this series of windows as well. Moving on we came across a room which held what looked like family portraits that were all covered in cobwebs. I began uncovering the paintings with my spear. One after another, the family foxglove were being uncovered. As soon as I had uncovered the last painting, the temperature in the room dropped several degrees. The faces in the paintings twisted into horrible images, and the patriarch, Vorel’s painting erupted with a kind of mold or fungus. Around this time, the ranger and the halfling began shouting about being covered in fungus. They weren’t, but they wouldn’t listen to reason. The halfling, screaming, bolted from the room with his dog Penny, he would return, screaming, and on fire, shouting some nonsense about thousands of crows. I was impressed! That is until we entered the next room. Everyone passed into it with no troubles, however, some unseen haunter attacked me. I glanced at a side table and noticed a beautiful dagger appear from nowhere. I moved to inspect the finely crafted weapon, when I was overwhelmed with the sense that I should pick the dagger up and plunge it deep into my throat. The impression was so strong that my muscles reacted, and my arm actually extended to pick it up before I was able to reassert my will and shrug off the ghostly suggestion. Then the halfling rode a bath tub through the floor, before we dragged him out with a rope.
Alright I’m bored talking to you, so I’ll sum up what happened next. Kind of.
We found a ghost lady behind a mirror. She had been stuck there staring at herself for who knows how long, but we moved it, she was set loose and when I tried to stab her with my spear she let loose some magical ghost shit because all of Us dropped to the fetal position and were too scared to do anything but let her pass. She was moaning something about Aldon and being pretty as she fled. Once we regained our composure we followed her down stairs where we watched her uncover Aldon who was not the smarmy lover of our cleric but some wretched undead fucker who jilted some angry ghost bitch! All hell broke loose then. The house started shaking, we were nearly killed by several rooms, but once the ghost rekilled the corpse of Aldon foxglove and we unhaunted the rest of the house, everything turned out to be pretty cool plus or minus a few thousand zombie birds, but who can blame us for that? So that’s it, I’m done talking to you now and you should probably just leave. Alright then, see you next time! Watch your back for zombie birds and the like!



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